Advanced Praise for This is Not About Love:

“What is a Love poem if not a declaration of the ways we love ourselves through others? In This is not about Love, Krystal A. Smith does just that, showing us pain and healing and lovin’ on yourself. Smith writes, “Forgiveness is not a weapon / it is a learning, it is a lesson / to give to yourself” and this is so true and evident in this collection. This is not about Love is not about shame, it’s not about holding grief, it’s not about sorrow; Krystal is writing about forgiveness and we all needed that.”
—Jason B. Crawford, author of Summertime Fine

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Two Moons is a 2019 Lammy Finalist!

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Over the Rainbow Book List

Two Moons is a top five favorite in the short stories category on the 2019 Over the Rainbow Recommended Book List!

This list of outstanding works of literature and nonfiction is intended to promote the improved quality and accessibility of GLBTQ literature through the provision for adult readers of an annual annotated bibliography of books for general readership.

The Over the Rainbow (OTR) Project is a committee of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Round Table (GLBTRT) of the American Library Association (ALA).

Advance Praise for Two Moons:

“Krystal A. Smith writes of shape shifters, magical herbalists, and women ripe for love.  Her collection of stories marries African American mysticism to speculative fiction announcing Smith’s solid place in the next generation of Afro Futurists. With its sensuous language, deftly drawn characters and engaging narrative style, Two Moons shines bright.”  -Jewelle Gomez, The Gilda Stories

“Two Moons takes readers on a whimsical journey to where ordinary women become goddesses and where Black Girl Magic is never denied. You’ll want to dive into these stories and never leave.” -Susana Morris, co-editor of Sycorax’s Daughters and the Crunk Feminist Collection

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Publication date: March 2018

original artwork by Miralande Jean-Gilles

cover design by Lauren Cherelle