Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Fall is my favorite time of year and Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love seeing people get dressed up and, even though I don’t like to be scared, I can allow a little spooky for this day.

Halloween reminds me of being a kid. When else can you get free stranger candy and be applauded for being a little dressed up weirdo?

I remember once I was Woody Woodpecker.  My costume came with the plastic mask that barely had the nose and mouth holes cut out.  Almost suffocated. It was great!

In middle school my friend Cindy invited me to a Halloween party with a fun house. I most definitely put my hand in brains or something damn near identical. Amazing.

And I will never forget singing Witches Brew in music class. This song is so silly and I love it to this day. It might also explain why I’m not that great of a cook.

I’m dressing up… If I can get my act together. I still haven’t fully realized what I’m going to be as of this morning. I’m feeling nostalgic for sure, but I just have too many different ideas. Straying from my usual witch get-up has been harder than I thought.

witch 2

The first pumpkin I ever carved. 2009

Are you in the Halloween spirit? Leave a note in the comments describing your costume and I’ll try to guess who/what you’re dressing up as.





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