When I Was A Tree

Happy Tuesday! Here’s a poem I wrote back in 2012 about being a tree. The changing leaves make me so happy and introspective. I took these pictures of my neighborhood while walking my pup and couldn’t resist gazing up at the leaves as they transformed.

When I was a tree
I talked with the sky
and the stars and the clouds
and other trees.
I felt the breeze roll over
my branches much like
I feel it on my shoulders
now but different still.
When I was a tree
the spongy bouncing of a squirrel
tripping from limb to limb
would make me laugh and squirm-
it tickled so. But I never dropped a
single one.
And growing such delicious
fruit to feed all the neighbors
ahh, yes. The feasts were delightful.

When I was a tree it seemed
I could do so much more.

When I was a tree
I was a better being.
I was better.



Krystal Smith ©2012-2017

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