National Poetry Month Day 7 – All Talk

Today’s poem is a Ghazal (guzzle). I wanted to practice form a little since it’s been awhile since I’ve written a ghazal. I always find this form so reflective. The repetition creates a loop in the reader’s mind that is quite affective.

All Talk

Do you say anything when you talk?
Or do you just talk to talk?

I’m told often to listen
But its too much useless talk.

Mouth moving - open/close, open/close
Nothing but noise, womp-womp talk.

Ain’t your mouth dry, tongue sore?
Lips cracked and bleeding ‘cos you can’t not talk.

I don’t understand. Weren’t you told
be quiet! Hush! Don’t talk!

Didn’t that strip your desire?
How, after that, do you talk?

How does it feel to believe in your voice?
How does it feel to talk?

Oh, dear...Krystal, perhaps now is a good time.
Relearn to speak. It’s okay to talk.

Another day another poem. Thanks for reading and hope your poetry month writing is going great for you!

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