National Poetry Month -Day 13 Girls, Girls, Girls

There is a janky, ratty-looking strip joint that I pass on the way to and from work that has a pathetic sign out front. It says something about ‘New girls’ on one night or another-I’m not totally sure. But the sign is just pitiful. I’ve wanted to use some of the words from the sign and write about it. Today’s poem is a for the girls.


Every Tuesday at Club Moon:
New girls
(High)Noon girls
(Half)Newt girls
Nebula-loving girls
Now & later girls
Nabisco wafer and Nespresso girls
Nude girls
Null and Void girls

Girls, girls, girls

A sort of found poem , I guess. I don’t really know what all the sign says so I just made it up.

Thanks for reading! Happy poetry month.

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