National Poetry Month Day 14

I was just talking to a friend about our reactions to the stress of quarantine/Covid-19. Our bodies are trying to understand. Our minds are trying to adapt and cope. We are doing the best we can. Today’s poem is inspired by that.

Nothing New

Nothing new in or out. We are somewhat stale. Aware but hardly capable of moving too far ahead now. Take two steps forward, five at most. Then rest. It seems like hardly anything. But our orbits have collapsed. We are still vast but matter gathers around our ankles and blocks our various paths. Take two steps, five at most. Survey what there is in front of you or go back. Step back into familiar space for a rest.

The landscape ahead will indeed have changed by the time you’re ready for the next lurch forward. But that was always the possibility.

We are all seriously doing the best we can. And this, to so many, is nothing new. Sending love and light to each and every one of you. Be well and take whatever time/rest you need.

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