National Poetry Month Day 18 – That’s a Rap

I occasionally like to step into alter ego space and pretend I’m a rapper! What it do baybeee?! Lol!

I have a bunch of raps (some downright absurd) saved on my phone (some with audio lol).

Today’s poem is a rap. I recorded/videoed myself rapping it, but I don’t know if I’m gutsy enough to post it right now (or ever). Warning for seshual innuendo

You think it’s me you want
when you’re looking in my eyes
but when I lick my lips
I know you’re thinking ‘bout my thighs.
Come and get me, baby, if you want me so damn bad
I can promise you I’ll be the best you ever had.
I said come and get me, baby
if you can handle it
I will peel you quick and eat you like a banana split!
...wit nutz

2 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Day 18 – That’s a Rap

  1. True story: I have a fully finished spoken word poetry video that I haven’t posted either. I just don’t like the sound of my voice. I hope you get the confidence to post yours!


    1. It’s so hard to listen to your own voice on playback! Maybe I’ll just post it and run lol. Thanks for reading. Hope you share your video too.

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