National Poetry Month Day 24 – Out of the Blue

Happy Friday! Happy 24th day of National Poetry Month! How you doing? You good? I’m good. I hope you are.

I wrote today’s poem after reading a short article about glowing sand. Photoplankton and other dilly-bops give it its color. And I decided to play with the word blue and create a rhyme scheme of my own. Here we go:

Blue Bayou 

Away, you and I
to Manzanita
where the sand glows
blue and the water soothes.
We’ll be surrounded by
blue. We’ll float (or fly) however we choose.
And of each other we’ll be
blue; taking time to pursue
our coming together.

This turned out pretty clean. I like the play of the word blue (*note I am using the italicized blue here to mean informed/know as W.M. Thackeray used “blue” in his writing about women.) I thought I’d give it a shot.

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