National Poetry Month Day 5-Poem #5

Struggling today to write but I managed to produce a poem to post.


The children in my dreams do not have names. They smile and point to treats on the tables in front of them. They reach for more than their fingers can hold and I allow it. There is plenty to have.

Who’s children are these? They grin and listen to the words I say. I look at their faces trying to recognize something in their smiles, their eyes. I see only shiny energy and wonder.

And I am calm, unfazed by all the questions they ask, all the things they do not know.

Hmm, this doesn’t have a title and perhaps it’s not all the way finished. I like what I have here. We’ll see what unfolds with this later on if necessary. Thanks for joining me on this 5th day. Enjoy your Sunday and stay safe.

Wait & See

The other night I dreamed I was five months pregnant. Sitting in the back of a cab, my huge belly pressed down on me while I looked at a severance check. The cabbie drove me around for a while. Then I stopped at a building, went inside to use the restroom, and stared at my reflection in a wide mirror.

When I woke up I reached for my belly. I was startled. I knew my dream wasn’t literal, but I felt so uneasy.

It’s a metaphor, I know. The severance check symbolism isn’t lost on me either. An ending leading to a beginning. Something is growing within me, around me, for me. What is it though? An opportunity? A thing? A person? An idea?

Guess I’ll have to wait and see. 😉