ICYMI: Coming April 2021

Greetings beautiful people! So much has happened this year! Some good, some extremely bad, and all the in between. I hope you’re all adjusting and doing what you need to do for your mental and physical wellbeing.

I’ve been writing, thankfully. I don’t 100% know how but it’s what keeps me going. Having to focus on that has been so helpful.

And just in case you missed the announcement Friday BLF Press is publishing my 1st chapbook of poems.

Cover image: This is Not About Love

This is Not About Love explores the complexities of human emotion and relationships via memory, experience, and imagination. Smith reminds us that love is not a singular emotion, and romantic relationships are not paramount to happiness.”

If you’re interested in reviewing, contact BLF Press (info@BLFPress.com) and you can preorder by clicking here

Release Date: April 6th 2021

National Poetry Month Day 11 – Quarantine

It’s day 11 and the weekend so I’ll be quick! Here is a simple Fibonacci Poem (very basic) that is six lines. Each line is a set number of syllables (1-1-2-3-5-8).


paper and
perhaps some more food.
Quarantine has changed everything.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend and take time for yourself.

National Poetry Month Day 10 -Tanka

Hey! Hey! Day 10 of national poetry month and I will admit I got stumped for a bit on this one. My friend Teresa shared one of her tanka poems with me the other day and I loved the imagery of nature come to life. I made an attempt at this haiku-esque form. This form is 31 syllables following a 5-7-5-7-7 pattern across 5 lines. Think its easy? Nope. This poem had me taking many breaks to gather my thoughts. But I think I managed something nice for my first Tanka.

Lupine cones gather
bright purple, orange, yellow,
like parishioners
devoted to the warm sun
deep in holy love, prayer

Thanks for reading.

National Poetry Month Day 9 – Palindrome/Mirror Poem

Today’s poem is a palindrome or mirror poem. The words repeat backwards like a mirror and sort of hinge on a word in the middle. It’s hard to get the second half to make sense. I tried. Here goes:

I like hairy women,
beastly. Almost
snarling loud,
nails hardened,
eyes glistening—
lips ready to devour every
Every devourer is
too ready, lips glistening,
eyes hardened, nails loud,
snarling, growling. Almost beastly women. Hairy, like I.

This makes me want to write about vampires and wolf women and vengeance. Maybe the poem works, maybe not, but it’s a writing prompt for sure. I’ll definitely practice this form again.

Tomorrow’s poem will be a Tanka. My good friend Teresa shared one of her tanka poems with me yesterday and I want to give it a try. It’s similar to a haiku but ends with a couplet and has specific syllable requirements as well. Come back tomorrow to see what I come up with.

National Poetry Month Day 8

I’ve been revisiting forms I used to know and even some I’ve not actively practice before. I came across another repeating type form called the Triolet last night and gave it a try.

Spirit Says

Spirit says be patient
Sit with silence through the noise
This journey is not to be hastened
Spirit says be patient
Your growth and evolution nascent
Reap abundance, reap the joys
Spirit says be patient
Sit with silence through the noise

I ended up writing a couple of these and I find the repetition of the lines really cool. A total of 8 lines with 3 being repeat lines made this kinda easy to play with.

Thanks for reading. What are you working on. Link your projects in the comments.

National Poetry Month Day 7 – All Talk

Today’s poem is a Ghazal (guzzle). I wanted to practice form a little since it’s been awhile since I’ve written a ghazal. I always find this form so reflective. The repetition creates a loop in the reader’s mind that is quite affective.

All Talk

Do you say anything when you talk?
Or do you just talk to talk?

I’m told often to listen
But its too much useless talk.

Mouth moving - open/close, open/close
Nothing but noise, womp-womp talk.

Ain’t your mouth dry, tongue sore?
Lips cracked and bleeding ‘cos you can’t not talk.

I don’t understand. Weren’t you told
be quiet! Hush! Don’t talk!

Didn’t that strip your desire?
How, after that, do you talk?

How does it feel to believe in your voice?
How does it feel to talk?

Oh, dear...Krystal, perhaps now is a good time.
Relearn to speak. It’s okay to talk.

Another day another poem. Thanks for reading and hope your poetry month writing is going great for you!

National Poetry Month Day 6 – Haiku

Day 6 of National Poetry Month and I’m still going strong. Today’s poem is a Haiku. And there are two.


Deep in the winter
Ice clinging to once green leaves
Time freezes, shivers

First warm day of spring
Silk clouds coasting overhead
Wave to new young blooms

Haiku is both fun and challenging. It takes a bit of creativity to get the right syllables in each line (5-7-5) and to create an image that pops. Hope you enjoyed these two haikus. Thanks for reading.

National Poetry Month Day 5-Poem #5

Struggling today to write but I managed to produce a poem to post.


The children in my dreams do not have names. They smile and point to treats on the tables in front of them. They reach for more than their fingers can hold and I allow it. There is plenty to have.

Who’s children are these? They grin and listen to the words I say. I look at their faces trying to recognize something in their smiles, their eyes. I see only shiny energy and wonder.

And I am calm, unfazed by all the questions they ask, all the things they do not know.

Hmm, this doesn’t have a title and perhaps it’s not all the way finished. I like what I have here. We’ll see what unfolds with this later on if necessary. Thanks for joining me on this 5th day. Enjoy your Sunday and stay safe.