National Poetry Month Day 30 – The Finale

What a month! 30 poems 30 days! Congratulations! While this challenge was great in so many ways I am likely never doing it again. The unnecessary anxiety that hit late in the evening was too much!

I asked for a few suggestions on social media on what to write today’s poem on. I got some great suggestions: doors/beginnings and endings, triscuits (lol I wrote a short and silly bop for my friend Kristie).

The suggestion that is today’s poem was an elegy for April – Thanks, Stephanie!

Fare Thee Well 

Like most things that come
and go, we must mourn
appropriately- April 2020!

So much changed. So much
still to come. We don’t
know. But we hold fast
and let go. Let go!

National Poetry Month Day 29 –

Day 29! I don’t know what to say. A poem a day keeps the blahs away (unless you’re living through a pandemic and then it’s really hit or miss). Tonight’s poem is my attempt at a William Carlos Williams creation called Triversen (six tercets to put it simply).


The way she joked
made me laugh deeply,
but I should have wondered.

Those quick to give a laugh,
or anything really,
are usually hiding.

Laughter hides them
from what they fear
and makes it easier.

Easier to walk away,
say goodbye, when
the hard time comes.

I don’t know what
it was that scared
her enough to leave.

She was funny and
so absolutely beautiful
when she laughed.

National Poetry Month Day 28 – It’s Gettin’ Real

Have y’all seen those Navy/Pentagon UfO 🛸 videos? Oh my goodness! What I’ve always known is coming out! But also the government thinks we are some dum-dums. This year is all about the truth coming out! I thought an echo poem would best speak to that.


UFOs in the sky now?
the government thinks we’re fools!
killing us one by one by one!
do what they’ve done to your
what your parents & teachers
taught you!
matter! This life is up to you!!

National Poetry Month Day 27- Cinquain

Just a couple days left in April. I’m determined to get a few more poetic forms in. Today’s poem is a cinquain, or five liner. Dedicated to my Tiny Cat who occasionally shows an interest in my feet.


My cat
thinks my foot
is a toy under the blanket.
Even if I’m still
my toes will not be safe.

National Poetry Month Day 26 – Stillness

Day 26! It’s getting harder to crank out poems every day. This is the last week so I feel like I need to push myself. We’ll see what happens. Over all this has been a pretty good challenge.

When the words don’t come
or they stick
to your tongue
get up and move.
Stretch toward the sun.

Crown yourself with flowers
and oils;
cleanse in nature’s showers
for hours and hours.

Laugh, cry, yell;
make room for the new
that will come like the crisp ring of a bell!

Rest! Close your eyes!
Close your eyes!
Close your eyes!

National Poetry Month Day 25 – Affirmation

Today’s poem/piece is a simple affirmation. I need an extra bit of motivation as I’ve been working on a sestina that isn’t quite there yet. I’ll get it, I’m sure. Hope this motivates and inspires you too.


I observe.
I think.
I reflect.
I create.
I am.

Now I think tacos are in order! Enjoy your weekend! 💖

National Poetry Month Day 24 – Out of the Blue

Happy Friday! Happy 24th day of National Poetry Month! How you doing? You good? I’m good. I hope you are.

I wrote today’s poem after reading a short article about glowing sand. Photoplankton and other dilly-bops give it its color. And I decided to play with the word blue and create a rhyme scheme of my own. Here we go:

Blue Bayou 

Away, you and I
to Manzanita
where the sand glows
blue and the water soothes.
We’ll be surrounded by
blue. We’ll float (or fly) however we choose.
And of each other we’ll be
blue; taking time to pursue
our coming together.

This turned out pretty clean. I like the play of the word blue (*note I am using the italicized blue here to mean informed/know as W.M. Thackeray used “blue” in his writing about women.) I thought I’d give it a shot.

National Poetry Month Day 23 – In the Rain

It’s raining here where I am and everywhere else it seems like. So the rain is my inspiration today.

I’d like to slip inside
a cloud and become a
juicy raindrop.
I would float along all
day until I hovered
where you are. I’d
make a great rukkus
to get your attention.
Then when you looked
up at the sky I’d
fall slowly,
slowly, slowly
down, kiss you on
the nose or maybe
right between the eyes.
I might run down
your cheek
and arc beneath your
chin, tickle you
softly until you
forgot what you
were doing.
You’d chase me
with your fingers,
smear me against
your skin.
I’d be so happy
to be near you again.

National Poetry Month Day 22

I’ve had a lot of hot cocoa this morning. I feel a lunchtime nap coming on. I figured I would post today’s poem before the nap vibe hit too hard. Enjoy.


I’m searching for softer,
gentler winds.
No more gusts or gales
will take me over.

I’ll walk with the rain,
and rise to the sun,
but never again look
over my shoulder.

Thanks for reading! 💖