National Poetry Month: Poem #2-The World Gains Nothing

It’s April 2nd and day 2 of National Poetry Month. Here is another lunchtime poem.

The World Gains Nothing

The world gains nothing
when I deny myself

She gains nothing
when I’m unwell, un-rested.
I must give
time and tenderness.

I must give
myself to me.

I must give myself the world.

I’ve been tinkering with this one for a minute. Swapping out words here and there, adding and taking away punctuation. It may come to exist in a different final form, but this is what it is right now.

Thanks for reading. If you’re writing poetry this month/doing #30Poems30Days, link to your poems in the comments. I’d love to read them and share.


I have laughed

and laughed

and laughed today.

I feel closer to

the child I

used to be


to the Woman

I am becoming

I feel light

like sugar spun

around a paper cone

like a bird

with lift

and purpose.


before I

fly away

take my picture.

A Pride Note

June is here! Happy PRIDE month, folks! What events and fun things are you planning?

Pride events don’t tend to kick-off until October/September in my neck of the woods, but I promise to be EXTRA Gay this month! LOL 🙂

Have a fabulous time partying, relaxing, volunteering and spending time with folks who love and celebrate you. Honor those who sacrificed and made coming out and being visible a little bit easier.

Love yourself and say nice things to your reflection in the mirror. (Not just this month, but Every. Single. Day. Even when it’s hard.) Be safe and lookout for one another. I love you!

P.S. Wear sunscreen and hydrate!