Weekend Wordsmiths, Assemble!

Good afternoon, Wordsmiths! How are you on this somewhat shiny Saturday? I hope you’re well and rested. I had every intention of posting yesterday, but when I got home from work the Nap Monster was waiting for me. LOL! You know how I feel about naps…no resistance on my end. I needed the rest. This week was strange and confusing. But there were some sweet moments too. (I got a super cute phone call on Monday 😍, and on Wednesday a friend shared some long awaited awesome news. The third issue of my poetry journal for Black queer writers came out on Wednesday too. check out Inkwell Black and share, share, share. )

I think today I’m going to take it easy. I have some chores to knock out, and I need groceries (again), but I think I can fit in some chill time with my cat and a book. (Remembers I have to work on a poem for submission, and update another project, and…🥴Sheesh!)

Three copies of This is Not About Love Poetry book on a tan colored lap desk.
This is Not About Love: Poems

Have you read This is Not About Love yet? Curious about it? Grab a copy and dive in. I hear it’s quite good.

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February! This is the New(ish) Year!

Hey hey Wordsmiths
I used January as a test run of sorts. I wasn’t sure about anything coming into 2021. But I’m here rocking it and doing the best I can. I’m ready to start the year for real for real now.

February has good stuff in store. First off Happy Black History Month! Your Black is beautiful, worthy, and so loved! Know that! Believe it! Remind yourself as often as you need to. You are LOVED 🥰
And speaking of love can you feel it crackling all around? I can! Valentine’s Day especially is going to be different this year for many reasons. Hopefully you’re being careful and not gathering in swarms but still manage to get the affection you need. I am channeling all the LOVE my way! Friendship love, writing community love, and yes, romantic love too. Shoot, I need my ankles massaged like the next woman ☺️ lol

I’ve got lots of projects in the works this year to both use my creativity and to keep from spiraling. I’m going to keep things up-to-date so we all know what’s going on!

Here’s to the newish year and all things joy (cos we absolutely deserve joy)! Stay warm and healthy and be kind to yourselves.